Why the US is a great option for international students

Why the US is a great option for international students

According to the latest data compiled by the US Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), there are now over 1.2 million international students studying in the United States, an increase of almost 3 percent from last year. Surely, there are a multitude of reasons behind this staggering figure showing how popular the US is among international students.
Essentially, the US is the most powerful country in the world. With this, almost everyone wants to set foot on the land that needs no introduction. A lot of people will do everything to be here and will take all possible means just to have a slice of the so-called Great American dream. For some, obtaining a university degree is one way of getting here.  
But apart from this, why is the US a popular choice among international students?

why the Us is a popular choice for international students

  1. Academic Excellence  
The US ranks impressively in slot 14th on Pearson’s Global Education Rankingshome to many internationally recognized universities. MIT, CalTech, Stanford, Harvard, and Princeton are just five of them, and most geniuses leading large firms in the Silicon Valley and other giant industries have come from at least one of these institutions. 
Having said this, we can say that the country’s highest selling point is its commitment to excellence. The education system has been revisited and improved by leaders over the years to make sure that it is on par, if not ahead, of the international standards.
  1. Financial Support
Most distinguished universities here offer international students financial aid such as stipends, grants, scholarships, and loans. The reason is that American education institutions believe that learning should be accessible, especially to deserving students, be they local or foreigner. 
In fact, the government, as well as many local banks, offers loans to international students who have proven capability to repay it in the long run. 
Most universities also offer on-campus work scholarships that allow students to pay their tuition fees by doing work on campus such as research assistants, library attendants, et cetera.
  1. Job Opportunities
The US law allows students who have completed their studies in the country to legally work for any locally based companies for a year through the Optional Practical Training (OPT)
This incentive is perfect for international students who are planning to build a career in the country, as they can use this extra year to apply for an extension visa or a residency permit. 
Some employers often hire exceptional international students by sponsoring their H1-B work visa, particularly those who have a diploma in engineering, accountancy, education, and marketing.
  1. Educational Flexibility
Unlike most European universities, US colleges allow students to choose their preferred subjects from a variety of topics; selecting the courses that they think matter to their degree and future career. 
Class schedules are also very manageable; giving the students more time to either work or enjoy the country during non-schooling days/hours. 
Through this, the student will be able to learn more about the country and enjoy life outside of school. Such a flexible arrangement permits scholars to complete their academic programs at their own pace.
  1. Center for research and technology
The US also boasts of the biggest research facilities in the world. 
Moreover, since the government bestows financial support to promising firms undertaking ambitious research, the country has become a forefront of technological advancements. 
A prime example is Silicon Valley, — a place swarming with genius migrants — home to some of the biggest technological discoveries that have blossomed in the last few years.
  1. Cultural diversity
Homesickness isn’t much of an issue if you study in the US. According to Child Trends, almost 30 percent of all international students in the world are in the States. 
Moreover, of the 18 million+ students in the country, nearly 10 percent of them are in the universities. With cultural diversity everywhere, international students will not only remain close to their roots but learn more about other cultures as well. 
International students planning to work for a Silicon Valley firm in the future, head to the US to avail of the country’s leading STEM Program.
  1. Global marketability
Once a student earns a degree from a prestigious US university, finding a high-paying job anywhere in the world is well within reach, as completing a degree from a US college adds a certain amount of clout to one’s résumé. Due to globalization, most US companies today prefer students who aren’t just multilingual but have a strong sense of culture, too. 
Additional language skills is a plus for CEOs aiming for market expansion across the globe. However, Americans are not quite obsessed with language— in fact, only 7 percent of college students in America are enrolled in a language course despite the visible market advantage in being bilingual.
Without a doubt, the proposal of a diverse cultural haven and endless technological opportunities makes the US an attractive place to study. 

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