The top 10 in-demand jobs in the US

The top 10 in-demand jobs in the US

Author and CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson once said that “for over 100 occupations in the US, there is far more job posting activity than hiring month to month.” Spot on and well said.  
Indeed, the number of positions waiting to be filled in the US is continuously growing, but not all applicants end up getting hired. On the flipside, the quality and quantity of candidates applying aren't always high either. The reason, perhaps, is that most international applicants don’t know that their qualifications are highly sought after. It could also be the lack of access to top job portals on which most companies choose to advertise job openings. 
Another valid reason is that most applicants are unaware of how to go about applying for their dream roles. This is important because it determines a job’s desirability and popularity among employers.  
So here, we have provided you with a list which includes at ten of the most in-demand occupations in the US right now:
  1. Registered Nurses
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as reported by The Atlantic, the US is facing a severe predicament in which every medical institution and hospital are slowly running out of nurses. They even revealed that from 2014 up to 2022, 1.2 million job vacancies would be available for registered nurses.
  1. Pharmacists
Since hospitals won’t exist without medicines, Americans will continue to depend on pharmacists when it comes to handling side effects and prescription monitoring. But the job of the white-coated professionals at your favorite drugstores is not only becoming more in-demand every year, but it is also turning into among the highest-paying jobs in the country with an industry average of  $109,935. 
  1. Finance Managers/Consultants
The growth of entrepreneurship in the country is in its most stable form due to the recent improvements in the segment’s policies. This simply means more people are going toward the business creation route instead of choosing employment. This fantastic news also gives birth to a fast-expanding need for financial managers whose expertise deals with handling the busy CEOs finances and giving them sound advice.
  1. Accountants
The success of finance managers will trickle down to accountants both in the public and private sector. In the US, senior accountants typically earn $61,000 to $85,000 annually, while cost accountants’ salaries typically receive $51,000 to $ 74,000 per year. 
  1. Intermediate-Level Administrative Assistants
Since business creation is growing, jobs in the office and administration segment will be in high demand in the years to come. Good news is that it pays well at around $20.43 per hour.
  1. IT Professionals
How could a business run without a strong IT team? Experts predict that there will be a 15 percent annual growth for this job type, and for a mean annual salary of $136,280, it’s hard to say that no one wants to take it. The pay’s pretty fitting for a post that serves as the company’s backbone.
  1. Human Resources
Of course, a business won’t manage in the absence of an efficient HR team. Every position in the human resources sector could earn at around $45,000 to $67,000 annually, making it highly desirable for those who thrive in office desk jobs.

However, Kathryn Bolt of Randstad Professionals and Tatum advised that companies are becoming pickier when it comes to hiring people who’d do the hiring for them. “Organizations will gravitate this year toward candidates with more specific skill sets to cope with an increasingly complex workforce environment.” 
  1. Software developers
Software developing jobs boast of an average monthly unique job posting (AMUJP) of 114,921, second only to nursing at 296,631. Since 2010, over 125,000 positions have been filled with various firms across the US. In this day and age when being online and digital is a must, expect this job to be among the most coveted by companies as long as the technology evolves.
  1. Machine Operators/Warehouse Laborers
Experts blame it on the increasing consumer spending as to why companies in the manufacturing and logistics segment will continue to hire laborers in the coming years. The good news is that US companies have been upping their games when it comes to paying their warehouse workers. 
“Hiring managers [now] vigilantly address the full scope of talent attraction and retention options, [by offering] proactively offering career development opportunities or performance-based pay increases,” said Traci L. Fiatte of Randstad.
  1. Manufacturing Engineers
“Engineers will be highly sought after this year, especially within organizations that have not typically required engineers in the past,” Richard Zambacca president of Randstad Engineering revealed. Manufacturing, mechanical, and electrical engineers will remain attractive to companies as locally based companies continue to expand along with the country’s economy.

How and where do I apply for these positions?
As for the job sites mentioned earlier, it pays well to be acquainted with them, especially if you’re not from the US or if it’s your first time to search for a job. 
There are hundreds of jobs available on Indeed, SimplyHired, and JobCase, but one thing you must not forget is to have an account on LinkedIn as many jobs get advertised within industry networks. 

Additional tips:

Use American English when writing your résumé (as there are slight differences between American and British English). 
Also, American employers prefer a concise and straightforward rundown of your experience and abilities to a lengthy, overly verbose one. It will also boost your application if you include a brief, professional cover letter, or what most employers call the “soft and friendly introduction to your résumé.”

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