4 Unique American Customs Every Immigrant Must Know

4 Unique American Customs Every Immigrant Must Know

The United States of America sits at the center of the world.  It boasts of the biggest economy on the global stage, thus making it the richest and the most powerful of all. 
From an outsider’s standpoint, at least to some, this is also what made the US somewhat of a global trendsetter.
Indeed, on closer inspection, Americans are still unique in their own way. They still do things that may appear or sound strange to some. 
Here are some of the things someone who has just received their American visa must know before heading over to the Land of Opportunity.
  1. America is the world mentality  
While this might sound annoying from a foreigner’s perspective, it isn’t hard to understand why most Americans are very patriotic towards their country. They live in the most powerful and richest land in the world, a fact that has thrust the US into the limelight. 
This has enticed a lot of people to move here; wanting to live out the Great American Dream, which, in turn, gave the Americans an extra boost in their pride.
Americans think highly of themselves the way the French and the Germans do. A second look at this trait would make you realize that, more often than not, such a thing isn’t really bad at all. This kind of thinking made the US what it is now, a country that values everything American—from customs to products down to their own brand of nationalism.
But is it a bad thing? Not in the slightest. A nation who believes in its people’s capabilities so profoundly can be considered an invaluable asset.

  1. Americans are extremely friendly
In a study conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2016, it was revealed that most people see America as a friendly nation. “Among people surveyed in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and North America, the overall image of the United States [and its people] remains positive,” says the study.
However, the study leaned more towards the political and the economic. 
Nevertheless, a quick stroll outside will give you a taste of American traits that most non-Americans tend to forget or dismiss: their unabashed friendliness. Indeed, it isn’t hard to start a quick chat with a stranger, ask for directions or even talk about the most mundane of stuff - a characteristic that is almost invisible in most European countries.
Another factor is that Americans are scared of offending people, especially if it concerns someone else’s race or beliefs. There’s a thing called American political correctness, and many see it as a double-edged sword. But, all things considered, it’s really all about how they value respect, which is a good thing. 

  1. Hard work is everything; time is gold
There’s a catch to being the biggest economy on the planet; the numbers say that the US is the most overworked developed nation in the world. 
In a study published by the CNN, Americans work an average 34.4 hours a week, outranking Sweden, Switzerland, and Austria which all barely touched the 32-hour mark. Additionally, a surprising discovery that could shrink other nations to bits: a significant number of Americans still want to work more.
Add to this to the fact that most Americans hate being late. Only 19 percent of surveyed Americans admit to being perennially late for work. The results from the study conducted by the government are pretty commendable, especially when you look at Spain and other Latin American countries, which are all known for their lax attitude towards time.

4. Independence is everything 

Most Americans don’t really depend on their parents when it comes to financial matters when they hit 18 or when they got their first job. 
Although they value family, they’re just not into the idea of extended family, which explains why retirement homes and one-bedroom apartments are a big hit here. 
But this is how things work in the States, the self-reliant, liberated American would always dream of independence, of doing things all by himself, or getting up there without bothering somebody. 

It goes without saying, be careful of hasty generalizations. Not everyone is the same. Get to know them without any expectations, befriend them, and see for yourself what being an American truly means.  

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